VS1520MM automatic printing & drying line for ceramic substrate

Automatic printing and drying lines for ceramic substrate 4″x 4″ and 4″x 6″. Special solutions for high accuracy. Smooth handling for very thin substrates (0,2-0,3 mm). (more…)

Aurel-ENEA Ink-jet printing equipment

At ENEA Research Center in Portici an Ink-Jet equipment for functional materials deposition was developed and installed. (more…)

Automatic printing lines for odd-form components

AUREL is leader in full automatic screen printing line for odd-form substrates. The printer is the standard Mod. C1010R with rotating table four positions high accuracy. (more…)

Roll to roll automatic line for smart card rfid

Roll-to-Roll Automatic screen printing line for RFID, contactless smart card & smart labels.

AUREL AUTOMATION has signed some contracts for the supply of new printing line for flexible substrates reel to reel. (more…)

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