Drying-Curing Ovens for thick film technology - A206

Aurel A206 is a conveyor oven for drying thick film pastes and curing polymeric pastes, adhesives, resins, glues etc. (more…)

OG500 Furnace for firing up to 600°C

The Aurel OG500 furnace is designed for the firing of the thick film pastes used in high volume production of hybrids, solar cell, glass sealing, power device on aluminium or steel. (more…)

RPC 1120 Reflow soldering system for IMS DCB Thick FilmReflow soldering system special design for Thick Film, DCB (Direct Copper Bonding) and IMS (Insulated Metal Substrates).

Mod. RPC 1120F Belt-less conveyor for high temperature and direct heating transmission to the substrates used in:

  • DCB (Direct Copper Bonding)
  • IMS (Insulated Metal Substrates)

Download AUREL RPC 1120 – RPC 1100F

AF5 Forced convection reflow soldering systemForced convection reflow soldering system AF SERIES. Models AF5B and AF8B are a new design reflow ovens for SMD with the introduction of all the improvements for LEAD FREE soldering technology.

High power for an excellent heating distribution and precision, Higher soldering temperature, better cooling system with the combination of Curtains-Fans-Chiller.

Air or Nitrogen. Conveyor with meshed Belt or Belt-Fingers.

Download AUREL AF5-AF8

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