OG500 Furnace for firing up to 600°C (Thick film, DSSC, Wafer, Glass)

OG500 Furnace for firing up to 600°C

The Aurel OG500 furnace is designed for the firing of the thick film pastes used in high volume production of hybrids, solar cell, glass sealing, power device on aluminium or steel.

OG500 has a robust metal muffle with heaters on four sides for a precise 9 zones heating distribution and uniformity including the cooling section with air and water that allows a perfect temperature profile.

The extraction with Venturi system and the internal curtains ensure the evacuation of all burnout exhausts.

The thick layers of insulation and the smart computer control, limiting the load, save power the energy bill and the ambient.

Standard features

  • Conveyor type: Meshed belt stainless steel 304
  • Muffle in thick stainless steel 310
  • Heating with long life heating elements on top, bottom and sides
  • Conveyor system with electronic speed control 9 zones controlled by PC
  • Power solid state relays zero crossing
  • “Venturi” system with adjustable flow for controlled exhausts and input/output curtains


  • Conveyor cleaning by water and ultrasonic system
  • Temperature profiler
  • Nitrogen or air atmosphere
  • Automatic loading and unloading systems for in-line systems

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