Automatic line for testing and calibration – ALS300MM

Automatic Laser line for testing calibration

Transport system for the device. Heating and cooling zones, testing areas under pressure, gas, humidity or other custom requirements.

This line includes:

  • AUREL Laser Trimmer ALS300GM
  • Trais indexer, lifts and return belt
  • One tray holds 5 sensors round or square
  • On the line there are 60 trays.
  • On each tray is fixed an electronic transponder to read and store informations
  • Testing and trimming stations at programmed temperature (e.g.: first at 80°C, second at 50°C, testing and trimming at 20°C, final test at 80°C, cooling)
  • Area for sensor loading-unloading, manually or automatically by robot
  • PC control and programmable instruments
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ALS300MM Laser Systems
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ALS300MM Line

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