Laser marking system – ALS6100

Laser marking systems for plastics, PCB, stainless steel, aluminium.

Laser marking system for plastics, PCB, stainless steel, aluminium. Flat, round surfaces or continuous tape roll to roll.

Laser marking generator

  • AUREL Nd-Yag with acousto-optic Q-switch
  • Wave lenght 1064 nm
  • Power TEMoo CW 12W
  • Multimode CW 40W
  • Repetition rate Single pulse to 10 KHz
  • Alignment either by HeNe Laser or through collimator
  • All mirrors and optical components mounted on rails with micrometric adjustment
  • Vertical and horizontal alignment of the Q-switch by micrometers

Laser marking specification

Working area 110 x 100 mm (150 x 150 mm optional)
Resolution 10 µm
Repeatibility 30 µm Writing speed: 350 chr/sec.
Scanner speed: ScanLab Mod. Hurryscan
Computer Pentium III 450 MHz, 128 Mb RAM, CD-rom, 15″ TFT Flat monitor, Keyboard with trackball, Windows 95/98
Software SAM Light SCAPS
I/O Interfacing signal Start/Stop marking cycle (input)
Beginning/End marking cycle (output)
Emergency (input)
Fault (output)
Piece rotation (optional)


Electrical power 3/380V – 20A – 50 Hz
Operating temperature 10÷40°C
Humidity 85% max


AUREL Laser Marking System – ALS6100

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