DSSC Screen printers, lasers, dispenser

Screen Printers for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells, PV cells, ceramics substrates, green or fired.

DSSC machines: screen printers, lasers

DSSC machines: furnaces for drying & firing, lasers YAG and CO2 for cutting, drilling & scribing.

DSSC machines

  • Screen printers for ceramics substrates, green or fired;
  • Furnaces for drying & firing up to 300°C and up to 1.000 ÷ 1.450°C;
  • Lasers Yag & CO2 for cutting, drilling & scribing;
  • XCEL machine for microspray, dispensing, vision system, assembly;
  • Full automatic lines (Loading – Printing – Curing – Reloading).
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DSSC Machines

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