VS1520A Aurel Fine line screen printer

Aurel VS1520A uses highly advanced mechanical and electronic solution to guarantee superior quality in fine-line printing for multilayer hybrids circuits. The automatic vision system ensures resolution better than 2 microns.


C920 Aurel Screen stencil printer

AUREL Mod. C920 is a high precision free stand screen/stencil printing machine and meets the requirements for high quality automatic printing on large areas. The main application in the electronic are thick film, SMT, polymeric pastes, solar cells. (more…)

C920T Screen-Stencil Printer for Cylindrical Parts

This special design of the standard Mod. C920 uses a patented “syncro motorized chuck / print – head” for printing on cylindrical parts 6÷40 mm diameter up to 300 mm length.

The applications are Thick Film screen printing of tube Heaters, Sensors, Components.


Full Automatic Screen Printing Line VS1520M

AUREL VS1520M is the full automatic screen printing version conceived with a modular approach that permits the customer to build up the line adding step-by-step additional modules according to the real production trend.


Printing area up to 800 x 600 mm. Special fixture for flexible substrates. Roll-to-Roll automation.

C1010D Aurel high precision screen printer

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ISO 9001:2008 Quality certification