Drying-Curing Ovens for thick film technology – A206

Drying-Curing Ovens for thick film technology - A206

Aurel A206 is a conveyor oven for drying thick film pastes and curing polymeric pastes, adhesives, resins, glues etc.

Far IR heating is the recommended way to dry and cure properly printed wet pastes, especially for thick film circuits.

Indeed, infrared heat waves penetrate first the core of the material, then dry outwardly to the surface, avoiding the typical “Dried skin effect” that can trap the solvents inside causing cracks in the further steps of the process.


  • Thick film circuits
  • Adhesives and coatings
  • Resins and glues
  • Polymeric pastes


  • The oven is controlled by a digital thermo regulators
  • The conveyor speed is controlled up to 225 mm/min
  • The muffle is in stainless steel
  • Venturi system with adjustable for controlled exhaust and input curtains
  • Heating with ceramic panels 50% convection type and 50% for IR


  • PC controlled Windows © Operation System
  • More zone
  • Centrifugal Funs to cool down the parts
  • Conveyor cleaning y water and ultrasonic system
  • Temperature profiler
  • UV LED Curing area
  • Stand Alone Exhaust aspirator and filtering
  • Sensor at the exit of the dryer with acoustic and light warning
  • Automatic Loading/Unloading
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mod. A206 Drying-Curing

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