CO2 Laser systems for scribing, cutting of ceramic substrates

CO<sub>2</sub> Laser systems for scribing, cutting of ceramic substrates

The AUREL ALS200 CO2 Laser System has been designed for scribing, drilling and cutting of ceramic substrates for thin film and thick film hybrid circuits.

The system is compact, reliable, safe and easy to use and it mainly consists of the Laser Mainframe with semi-sealed RF excited CO, laser source, high precision X-Y table with linear motors and the Electronic Control on standard PC with menu program for cutting, drilling and scribing.

Special automation and handling are optional.

Laser Source

  • Gas (CO2) plasma tubes mounted on a frame with a granite plane to ensure high output power stability.
  • RF excitement technology, high peak power, high frequency modulation, compactness.
  • No factory service requirement of the self refilling solution, the small internal gas cartridge is extremely easy to change at extraordinary low cost.
  • Frequency and pulse width programmable and real-time controlled by the electronic control.

Optical Head

  • Focusing group with 30 mm vertical adjustment (autofocus optional).
  • Gas jet nozze for lens protection.
  • Exhaust hood for ceramic particles.
  • Two nozzles head for scribing and drilling.

X-Y Positioning Table

  • Driven by high precision fast linear motors with optical linear encoders.
  • Maximum stroke 300 x 300 mm.
  • The chuck system accepts substrates up to 6” x 6”.

Electronic Control

  • Based on Windows PC with axes control card (CNC control on request).
  • Menu program for cutting, drilling and scribing (linear and circular interpolation).
  • Digital I/O for controlling special automations and handling optional.

Other options

  • Substrate holder with vacuum chamber.
  • Vision with electronic cross-hairs.
  • Vision with automatic alignment system.
  • Automatic loading and unloading systems (stack to stack for blank substrates, cassette to cassette for printed & fired substrates).
  • Shuttles with two or more magazines or multicassette system.
  • Exhaust aspiration and filtering.
  • Water chiller.



Wavelength 10.6 µm
Rated power 350 W (continuous mode) – Available other generator
Peak output power
850 W
Power stability (long term) ± 4%
Mode quality 1.1 M2
Pulse width range 2 – 1.000 µs
Pulse frequency
up to 50 kHz
Gas mix consumption
< 24 Nl/year (cartridge)
Heat dissipation 5 kW max

X-Y Table

Stroke 300 x 300mm (other stroke on request)
Line motors
Optical linear encoders
up to 500 mm/s
Resolution 0.1 µm
Accuracy ± 5 µm
Repeatability ± 4 µm

Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions 980W x 2.600L x 1.800 H mm
Weight Approx 1.600 Kg

Operating requirements

Power 230 V / 1 ph / 50 Hz
Compressed air pressure 5 bar, consumption: 100 Nl/min
Exaust flow rate
approx. 3 m3/min; 1500 mm H2O
Cooling water 20 ± 1°C, flow 10 ± 12 l/min (optional water chiller)


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