Fast Screen-Stencil Printer C1010D

C1010D Aurel high precision screen printer

Aurel C1010D is a very fast screen/stencil printing machine with security cover that can print area up to 160 x 160 mm.

C1010D grants the highest productivity for hybrid circuits standard sizes (up to 6″ x 6″).

C1010D can be equipped with exchangeable fixtures according to the substrate drawing with vacuum or mechanical clamping system.


AUREL C1010D is a free standing fast screen printer with cabinet and security cover that can print area up to 160×160 mm, assuring uniform deposition from corner to corner.

Some applications for electronic and general industrial purposes are:

  • Thick film and polymer pastes
  • Multilayer Hybrids
  • Solder paste for SMT
  • Glues, adhesives, resins
  • Through holes metallization
  • Solder resist
  • Sensor elements
  • LTCC and Via Filling

Control Systems

  • The machine is PLC controlled and allows a great deal of flexibility on all functions
  • Touch screen panel  with user  friendly interface
  • Print and flood, alternate print, contact and off-contact print double print
  • Digital reading of speed, pressure and parallelism
  • Machine diagnostic
  • Machine hood & lifting and locking safety switches
  • Work recipes storing
  • Pneumatic System to lift up the arm


  • One intelligent head on high precision slides
  • High sensitive squeegee for fine-line printing, low pressure, constant angle, no vibration
  • Controls of printing pressure, speed and printing delay
  • DC motor driven head allows smooth movement and precise speed & stroke adjustment in both directions
  • Configurable: one squeegee, one squeegee and flood blade
  • Motorized and programmable screen Z axis for screen height and slow snap-off function (very important for fine line printing)


  • Heavy bench for high stability mechanics
  • High Precision Screen Alignment by X-Y- ? and Z adjustments with centesimal micrometers
  • Transparent cover and Full operator’s security (CE marked)

Work table

  • Back-light table for an easy substrate alignment
  • Substrate hold down by vacuum, Venturi ejector included. Vacuum detector for substrate presence and chamber sensor
  • Easily exchange different fixtures according to the substrate size: acrylic or aluminium nest

Other option

  • PHM, Programmable Holes Metallization and VIA filling
  • Custom worktable with retractable pins
  • Loader/Unloader System

Dimensions & Utilities

  • Dimensions: 1050L x 855W x 1320H mm
  • Approx. Weight 320 Kg
  • Compressed Air Supply 5 Ate – 150 Nl/min MIN
  • Power Supply 220V – 50Hz  – 3A

Specifications C1010D

Max print area
Max substrate size
Max Screen size
X-Y adjustment
Z adjustment (screen height)
Theta adjustment (rotation)
Print stroke
Squeegee speed
Squeegee pressure
Printing capacity
160 x 160 mm
2000 x 200 mm
10″ x 10″
± 12 mm
12 mm
± 5°
50 ÷ 210 mm
0 ÷ 300 mm/sec
0 ÷ 12 Kg (more on request)
10 ÷15 sec + print time
Carriage repeatability
Squeegee and screen parallel
± 0.01 mm
± 0.02 mm/100 mm

Dimensions & utilities

Dimensions 1050 L x 855 W x 1320 H mm
Approx. weight32 320 Kg
Compressed air supply 5 Ate – 150 Nl/min MIN
Power supply 220V – 50 Hz – 3A
Fast screen/stencil printer C1010D

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