Ohmical laser trimming with galvo head – ALS300GM

als300 laser galvo ohmical trimming

Laser with galvo head for ohmical trimming step & repeat table, automatic loading and unloading with magazines.

Laser trimmer for many different applications

With the ALS300GM AUREL we provide a versatile laser trimmer for many different applications.

The system can be used for active and passive trimming of hybrid circuits as well as for functional trimming of SMD circuits.

We really specialize in this field and have a lot of experience with trimming SMD circuits under functional conditions.

Most systems have to be custom tailored for handling and providing the phisical conditions for the sensors, like proximity, pressure, optical, temperature or other while trimmed with the laser beam.

Main applications: functional & ohmical trimming of thick film & thin film hybrid circuits, trimming of chip resistors (SMT PCB & Polymeric resistors), scribing/grooving of silicon wafer.


  • Very large and open area for beam travelling
  • Powerful Nd-Yag Laser generator (65W multimode) or Nd-YVO4 diode pumped (12W cw)
  • Beam pulse and movement are synchronized for constant overlap and accurate low speed positioning
  • Accesible for functional trimming of one or multiple circuits on large PCB
  • All stages and optical components mounted overhead like a bridge allowing multiple choises for material handling
  • Manual or automatic loading, step & repeat, automatic indexing through the machine with magazin to magazin handling, integration into a production line
  • Trimming under sensor conditions (pressure, temperature, different environmental media, etc.)

Standard machine

  • External PC
  • Software Windows NT 8.1
  • I/O for handling system
  • TV camera vision
  • He-Ne Laser for beam alignment


  • Kerf width: 40 to 60 µm standard
  • Depth of focus: 1 to 3 mm
  • Vision with CCD TV-camera TTL and dichroic mirror
  • Magnification 30x
  • Electronic cross hair
  • Pattern recognition & CRS (Chip Recognition System)
  • Interfacing software for external instruments in RS 232 or IEEE 488
  • Focus programmability (Z axis)
  • 15 to 25 µm (short focus) otional
  • Water chiller (only with lamp)
  • Exhaust aspiration for high volume trimming


Utility Requirements
Electrical power 380V 3+N, 10A, 50Hz (LAMP) / 220V 1+N (DIODE)
Compressed air 5 ATE, 5 lt/min.
Tap water [laser cooling] 8 lt/min
Max Pressure 2 ATE
Dimensions 1500 x 960 x 1420 (± 20 mm H)
Max Temp. 25°C

Laser Beam

  • Precision X-Y movement by DC motors / Galvo head
  • Positioning and speed closed loop
  • Work area: 330 x 180 mm / 160 x 160 mm (with Galvo)
  • Resolution: 2.5 µm
  • Positioning speed: programmable up to 100 mm/s
  • Trimming speed: programmable up to 100 mm/s
  • Synchro beam movement with laser shot

Video Laser Trimming

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ALS300GM Ohmical laser trimming

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