Full Automatic Screen Printing Line VS1520M

Full Automatic Screen Printing Line VS1520M

AUREL VS1520M is the full automatic screen printing version conceived with a modular approach that permits the customer to build up the line adding step-by-step additional modules according to the real production trend.

The basic configuration consists of a from cassette-to-cassette line with a high accuracy in-line screen printer platform VS with automatic vision system to grant the highest repeatability for multilayer circuits and throughput (up to 6 sec + print time).


Some applications for electronic and general industrial purposes are:

  • Ceramic substrates
  • Roll-To-Roll line
  • Foil-To-Foil line
  • SOFCs
  • Parts on carriers


Vision system by double digital TV camera for top & bottom vision movable over the complete substrate area for perfect fine-line alignment.


  • The machine is PC controlled and allows a great deal of flexibility on all functions
  • Windows © Operating System
  • Wide Touch screen monitor with user friendly interface
  • Print and flood, alternating print and after print delay
  • Programmable print parameters (printing stroke, pressure, print gap & down stop)
  • Machine diagnostic
  • Machine hood & lifting and locking safety switches
  • Work recipes and data logging


  • The new very intelligent head on high precision slides represents the latest state-of-the-art design with motorized and programmable axes for fine teaching and adjustment of parameters.
  • High sensitive squeegee for fine-line printing, low pressure, constant angle, no vibrations.
  • DC motor driven head allows smooth movement and precise speed & stroke adjustments in both directions.
  • Configurable head, single squeegee, double squeegee, squeegee and flood blade.
  • Motorized and programmable screen Z axis for screen height and slow print gap function – very important for fine line printing.


Aurel AH150C handler from cassette-to-cassette operation, with automatic shuttle and separated chambers to change an empty magazine without stopping the cycle.

Aurel AH150S handler from stack-to-stack operation with vacuum section cups.

Loader with Double system: AH150C and AH150S only for the first print of blank ceramic substrates.


  • Paste Reload Dispenser
  • PHM, Programmable Holes Metallization and VIA filling
  • Substrate cleaning via roller contact, air knife, ionizer bar
  • Bar code reader
  • Pneumatic screen locking
  • PPI, Post Print Inspection
  • Climatization system
  • Automatic stencil cleaning (only for stencil)
  • Weighing Station (before & after Printing)
  • Robust In-line transport with motorized width adjustment from 2”x2” up to 5”x5” ceramic substrates
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Full Automatic Screen Printing Line VS1520M

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